Photo by Edgar Chaparro on Unsplash

God’s children are beginning to come into the knowledge of God’s desire for them to take spiritual dominion over their lives. For centuries the church has been stripped of its power by the traditions and doctrines of men. God has placed us into His kingdom, united our born again spirits with His Holy Spirit, and given us the right to speak in His name.

Many Christians are eagerly seeking bigger and better things from the Lord. They pray for bigger houses, nicer cars, and more material things. But there can be a problem with doing this. Why would you ask the Lord to give you bigger and better things if you are not able to fully master what you already have? You are believing God for a Lexus but yet you can’t make the car payments on your Honda Accord.

It is often a wise thing to ask God to help you take dominion over your present conditions before you ask Him to help you increase your world. In other words, when you can pay all of your bills and properly maintain what you already have, then it is time to ask God to give you bigger and better things.

God’s desire is for His people to prosper, but prosperity is not just about getting things. It is also being able to “handle” what you already possess. And once you are able to totally control your own personal world, ask God to give you an increase.

The word of God says, “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and and be in health, even as thy soul prosperth.” (3 John 1:2) And from Psalm 35:27 we see that God takes pleasure in the prosperity of His servants. Being prosperous means to be at a place of having the resources and ability to accomplish God’s will and to have all that you need to live an abundant life. And prosperity is God’s desire for all of His children.

A prosperous person does not necessarily have an abundance of things. But, a prosperous person is able to abundantly maintain what the Lord has given them. Their bills are paid in full and on time. They do not live from paycheck to paycheck. And they have enough substance to freely give to those who have need. The prosperous person has spiritual dominion over their own personal world, and with God’s power, they are the master of their domains.

The prosperous person is open to expansion. They are in control of what God has given them. They have the God given wisdom to manage all that they have. Now they are in a proper position to ask more of God.

The wise believer seeks mastery over what they already have before they seek God for a material increase. This type of Christian can be taken to new levels of prosperity because they have a solid foundation. Remember, a blessing from God could actually be a curse if you do not have the wisdom to handle it.